Sony Z1

Here's a a 3D-rendered image of the first cellphone I ever owned (A Sony Z-1). 

Back story goes like this: In the basement I once found the first cellphone I ever owned, bought circa 1997, and I thought that the phone would be a pretty cool foundation for me learning how to make 3D-stuff? So I started to model the phone in Fusion 360. Eventually I brought the model into Keyshot for texturing + lightning & final render.


One thing right off the bat: don't expect a raytraced image to get rendered in real time the way you see PC-users demonstrate on various YouTube-videos. if you're like me – stranded with a 2017 iMac you're in for a treat in form of … extra time!  😉 Great if you want to take long pauses for brewing coffee (like, really slow brewing). But no, creating renders does not make the cut at all on the Macintosh platform, for now anyway.

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