Swedish startup iZettle is well known for enabling taking payments through credit card. In 2011, when the company just was beginning its journey, I was contacted in order to help out with UX and visual design of the public website, as well as the logged in version where the users have control of their payments.

Below are some screenshots of what iZettle looked when they went out of their (quite successful) journey. It was super fun to work with the client, listening in on thoughts and ideas, and then being able to realise them through my design.


Looking back in the design, it all seem quite familiar from today's websites. But, still old. I guess it's just a matter of how you apply drop shadows, what typeface you use, if a border is used or not. Makes you think about the progress of interactive design, no?

Selected work

Drawing on the iPadProject type

EurapcoProject type

A coke bottleProject type

AirtoursInteractive design

SynsamProject type

Illustration in FigmaIllustration

Logotypes & identityProject type

Sony Z1Illustration


M10 tankIllustration

Figma fuzzIllustration

Mike CarrolIllustration




Assa AbloyInteractive design

Scania NewsroomProject type


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