Right after summer vacation I had the opportunity to work together with a team from Eurapco, which is a ‘strategic alliance of eight primarily mutual insurance companies in Europe operating in 15 countries across the continent.’

In short, Eurapco share knowledge and best practice + R&D among each other in order to get faster and better results within different areas of the future of insurance.

The fictional mobile app in its full glory

Assignment and scope

The assignment I got was to develop a mobile prototype that should present a working thesis on a digital tool could look, to ease farmer’s work life. The project group had made research and gathered insights on what different needs farmers in general have, and Eurapco also had performed interviews with companies that offer various services like satellite analysis, soil sampling and more.

I spent a few virtual workshops with the team (people from Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and the Netherlands), and together we created a persona map + customer journey for a fictional farmer, as well as forming a base idea of how and what the mobile app should contain.


Then, I created a grayscale prototype in Figma, adding and removing bits and pieces of information. After a few iterations, I then was asked to create a more visual design of the prototype as well as creating links and connections so that the user could have a "real", interactive experience when trying out the prototype.

All in all, I spent 2-3 weeks with the project. Yes, that’s pretty quick marching. But, the upside of having almost 100% freedom when creating, is that you get things done fast :)

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