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Blacktip is managed by me, Markus Norsted. I'm a mechanical engineer that got an HND (Higher National Diploma) in technical illustration whilst studying in Bournemouth, England. I ended up working as a combination of UX-designer + visual design artist + content creator – all depending on the project & task.

I've been employed by a wide variety of employers, ranging from advertising agencies, web bureaus, design studios and consultant agencies. In 2011 I went freelance, helping various clients with all sorts of UX- and digital design work. Early 2018 I got employed as a design consultant, and learned all about how it's like working directly inside and together with a client's own organisation.

In early 2021 I came to the conclusion that I needed to go back to be on my own again. So, I revived Blacktip. Back in black. Ready to steer onwards into the unknown.

I try to stay at the top of the game at most of time, but – I have no problems saying "I don't know", or "others can do that better than I can". On the flip side, I do occasionally say "yes, I can do that. Better."

Btw, I'm the bearded person to the left in the photo. The other person is my son, one of my two children. I have a wife, too.


Moar nfo



Apart from the day to day work, shuffling flat squares and text into various GUI:s, I do love to make illustrations. Everything from trying to get better at 3D-modelling, to exploring vector bending in Figma. I don't use my airbrush, Rothring pens or paintbrushes any longer, but had fun with them back in the days too.

Here's a link

Audio production

Just as all other creatives out there, I also dabble with music from time to time. Sometimes it's an obscure Commodore 64-remix, but the occational self-composed material also reach the interwebs.


Should these examples tickle the interest to hear more, head over to this website, where I collect some of the results of various evening audio dabbling.



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Email: markus@blacktip.se

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